Frequently asked questions

Can I translate this into my native language?

We appreciate your generosity! Our goal is to make machine learning accessible to a broad group of people, including folks who don't speak English. Send us an email.

When is Part II coming out?

Part II is ~40% complete, and finishing it is one of our new years resolutions for 2017. It will cover ensemble methods and the bias/variance tradeoff in order to set the stage for more advanced concepts coming in Part III (neural networks and AI).

Can I play with the NY/SF home data?

Sure, the CSV is here.

Where can I learn more about machine learning?

The best place to learn more depends on your goals and your prior knowledge for statistics and programming. We'll add some resources soon.

Are you available for other projects?

Maybe. We love discussing ideas with other curious people and are particulalry interested in collaborations with individuals, researchers, or non-profits focused on healthcare, education, public policy, or political transparency.

Note that 'non-profit' refers to a company's mission rather than its P&L.